Our in-house developed KRAFTI® compounds, based on virgin material or regranulates, offer decisive advantages: Shorter cycle times, lower melt temperatures, improved wall thickness-flow path ratios, optimised heat resistance, etc. We always focus on resource conservation and sustainability.

Every KRAFTI® product is unique.

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01    Produktinfo KRAFTI® X BAB FC 1.0
02    Produktinfo KRAFTIBLEND® ASA PA 210 FR02
03    Produktinfo KRAFTI® EVA MB White 75
04    Produktinfo KRAFTIMID® PPA HT1X GF/GK40 NAT FC
05    Produktinfo KRAFTI® X MB White 70 1.0
06    Produktinfo KRAFTI® X MB White 70 2.0
07    Produktinfo KRAFTI® X B MB White FC 1.0 Masterbatch
08    Produktinfo KRAFTILEN® 1004 TV 45 NAT

(PA6, PA66, PA6 / 66, PA6.12, PA6.10, PA12, PA4.6, PPA)
KraftiDur® (PBT, PET)
KraftiLen®(PE HD / LD)

Krafti®Blend   (ABS, ASA, Blends)
Krafti®Flex   (TPU, TPC, TPA, TPV)
Krafti®Tec   (PPS, PEEK, PEI, PPSU, PSU)
Krafti®Prop   (PP-Homo, PP-Copo, PE, u.a.)

We are experienced

In-house production and material development of the KRAFTI® brand.

PA, PS, PC, PBT, PP, etc.

We would be pleased to present our own products to you in detail.

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